Posted on April 16, 2018 by staff

Razor develops tech for support Virgin Trains staff


Sheffield-based Razor has partnered with Virgin Trains East Coast to implement new mobile technology to support its staff.

The technology firm helps companies use tech more effectively to improve their services.

The apps – which are a mix of commercial products and bespoke apps created by third party developers – will be used to support on-board staff, giving them better access to information.

They will also be used to improved customer service, ensuring that travellers have up-to-date information around engineering works, delays and security issues.

“I’ve been really impressed with the way Razor have worked with us in helping to evolve our digital support for on-board staff,” said Virgin Trains East Coast head of eCommerce and retail Kristal Ireland.

“The strategy we’ve arrived at will help our people do their job better and result in an improved overall customer experience for our customers.

“Razor has demonstrated real commitment to the project, working alongside our staff, to make sure we get the right information to them in the right ways.

“The approach they’ve taken from start to finish has demonstrated their unique understanding of how technology should be designed around people, not the other way around.”

The project was launched in late 2017 and has now been rolled out across the network.

“Working closely with their team at every level has been key to helping them develop their strategy so that it can improve their journeys and performance,” said Razor CEO Jamie Hinton.

“Technology now has a huge role in how businesses update and engage with their staff and Virgin has embraced this idea with open arms.”