Sunil Patel has been appointed PwC UK’s first Chief Data Officer and will lead the firm’s newly formed data office. 

Patel, who is also a partner, will be responsible for developing the firm’s overall vision and strategy for the use of data and will join PwC’s growing global CDO network.  

He also leads PwC UK’s digital upskilling programme, which will equip 22,000 staff across the UK with the digital skills required for the future.  

“I am hugely excited to be appointed PwC UK’s first Chief Data Officer. Data is intrinsic in everything we do, and using it responsibly is essential to making informed business decisions and creating more value for our clients,” he said. 

While it’s been clear for some time that the future of work is changing, the events of the last year have only confirmed that. The use of technology in its various forms is accelerating, including AI, machine learning and robotic process automation.  

Data is crucially at the heart of all of this. Building a data-driven culture and increasing data literacy for all of our staff is key to the growth of our business.”

Patel has over 30 years experience of leading large complex technology and digital transformation programmes for clients across the government, healthcare and pharmaceuticals sectors.  

Before taking up his new role, he was Chief Operating Officer for PwC UK’s Technology and Investments group, where he focused on building PwC’s capabilities in emerging technologies.