Posted on May 11, 2017 by staff

Putting elite sports data in amateur hands with Motus Global


Advances in wearable tech are putting data used by elite athletes into the hands of amateur sports enthusiasts and coaches.

Motus Global, based in New York, is a world-leader in advanced biomechanics analysis, helping sports stars and trainers prevent injury and improve performance.

The company was founded in 2010 on the belief that “understanding movement helps us perform better and safer”.

From its labs in Bradenton, Florida, the company helps people optimise performance, reduce risk of injury and rehabilitate safer through individualised movement data.

Usually the fare of top pro-league teams, Motus believes it is making the technology available to the rest of the world.

CEO Joe Nolan told BusinessCloud: “We’ve broken down the walls of our biomechanics lab and through wearable technology made movement analysis available to the masses.

“Traditionally this data and these insights were only available to the most elite athletes in the world. And even for them, only in a clinical research setting.

“Now, we have taken biomechanics to the people where they train, compete, work and rehab.”

The company currently has clients throughout American football and believes it will continue to make great strides in the sport at all levels of the game, from the NFL through to NCAA (college), high school and youth teams.

Motus Global’s technology allows coaches and players to monitor the biomechanics of a player’s actions – such as the arm workload in a quarterback’s throws.

Nolan added: “Athletes and their coaches use this workload data to prescribe daily training load that in turn helps build arm strength and consistency in a safe and informed manner.

“There are certain real-time metrics available and others teams review after the fact through our dashboard or as part of their larger organizational performance model.

“Though it can be used in game, we see the highest use rates during the practice week.”

Nolan says the company plans to grow its footprint in baseball, but the next 12 months will be driven by its entrance into new sports including “soccer, basketball, hockey, cricket, and rugby”.

He added: “Additionally, our workplace safety and health divisions are launching and we are hitting the ground running in both of those markets as well.”