Posted on March 18, 2019 by staff

Publishing group snaps up digital learning firm


Publishing company Emerald Group has bought digital learning and performance support company Mind Tools.

West-Yorkshire based Emerald Group, with reported turnover of £48m, has acquired the digital firm to support the “next phase of its growth.”

Mind Tools currently has thousands of corporate and individual learners as subscribers in over 180 countries.

Emerald is based in Bingley and has global presence in 130 countries.

Ollie Craddock, CEO of Mind Tools, will now join Peter Casebow, CEO of Emerald’s corporate learning division and fellow Emerald board members.

“This is a perfect fit for Emerald in our continuing goal of providing solutions rooted in a firm evidence base and with a practical impact,” said Casebow.

“We already provide a leading performance support solution in the business user market.

“Together with Mind Tools, we can provide the best experience to customers and users, whether they’re accessing our resources at work or as part of learning in their everyday lives.”

Mind Tool co-founders, James and Rachel Manktelow, will now be stepping back to pursue other interests.

James added: “We are very pleased and proud to see Mind Tools join Emerald. We started Mind Tools because, as managers ourselves, we struggled to find resources to help us develop our own careers.

“Over the past two decades, together with our team of wonderful and talented people, we’ve built a solution and resources that help millions of people thrive at work. With Emerald, Mind Tools has found a great new home for the next phase of its growth.”