Posted on July 25, 2016 by staff

Procurement meets psychology to help firms ‘save millions’


Business psychology firm Carter Corson has joined forces with technology procurement consultancy Synergos Limited to help companies strike improved deals with IT suppliers.

The two firms have signed an agreement that will bring the power of behavioural science to the heart of negotiations for services, software and outsourced investment programmes for the first time.

“Synergos supports clients to secure exceptional terms for their IT spend,” said Synergos chief executive David von Ackerman (pictured), who has has held senior leadership roles with consultancies including CSC Computer Sciences, Ernst & Young and IBM.

“By combining technical and commercial insight with a deeper understanding of the psychology of negotiation and relationship management, we believe this offering will be transformational to companies making large IT purchases.”

While the partnership is aiming to save businesses around 30 per cent on the cost of technology over its lifetime, the team believe that improved relationships between parties will also support the long-term effectiveness of major IT contracts.

“In our experience, the human factor is crucial in commercial negotiation,” said Hazel Carter-Showell (pictured), managing director at Cheshire firm Carter Corson.

“We bring behavioural science and neuropsychology into the heart of technology negotiations, resulting in cost savings and productively warm relationships between clients and suppliers.

“Through a series of tightly structured rehearsals, stakeholder mapping and behavioural coaching sessions, we enable people to use newly-acquired skills to secure the terms and pricing they need.”

Bespoke development and coaching will be supported by the proprietary Negotiation Quotient toolkit, which is being jointly developed by London-based Synergos and Carter Corson.

It explores the behavioural aspects of negotiation including personality, decision making styles, influencing tactics, emotional control and social influence.

“Through this relationship and the unique set of methods and techniques we have developed, our clients will be able to secure unparalleled value for money across their IT purchases,” added von Ackerman.