Posted on November 19, 2018 by staff

Prescriptions website launches to serve NHS patients


Frontline Healthcare has launched an NHS prescription service website to improve patient access to essential healthcare services. aims to deliver a million prescriptions to patients’ homes a month, which represents one eightieth of prescriptions issued in the UK through Hub & Spoke dispensing services.

The site will achieve full functionality next year as it aims to support healthcare professionals with delivery of repeat prescriptions as the population rises and there is a greater proportion of older people.

It follows the 2016 launch of Frontline Healthcare’s online brand The Rochdale-based firm is currently in the final stages of becoming a fully-fledged online pharmacy, offering private prescription services and over-the-counter products, and can ship products to customers worldwide.

Frontline Healthcare won the Ward Hadaway award for fastest-growing small business in the North-West this year.

The business is regulated by the General Pharmacy Council and was co-founded by the current superintendent pharmacist Antony John Nuttall.