Posted on November 21, 2018 by staff

Police force gets ‘UK first’ cutting-edge tech


Lincolnshire Police is investing millions of pounds in a new cutting-edge command and control system which will “digitally transform” its operations.

Global security firm G4S has awarded Motorola Solutions a 10-year contract to provide the force with its cloud-based, integrated CommandCentral Control Room Solution (CRS).

Lincolnshire Police already use Motorola’s Pronto application, which eliminates paperwork by allowing officers to access and input data from the street.

“It has been a high priority for me to ensure frontline officers can be deployed quickly, with the right equipment, and to spend as much time as possible in the field reassuring communities, preventing and fighting crime,” said Marc Jones, Police and Crime Commissioner for Lincolnshire Police.

The new control room system will integrate multiple functions like computer-aided dispatch, contact management, mapping and call logging.

It will also allow operators to handle calls faster, make more informed decisions and allocate resouces more efficiently.

Jones added: “Our drive to provide cutting-edge technology to the force is about making sure we provide the most efficient and effective service to the people of Lincolnshire.

“The new command and control system is one important step in that journey and will allow the chief to get assistance to those in need quicker than ever before – and armed with the right information to handle the situation.”

Lincolnshire Police is already a user of Motorola Solutions’ Pronto suite of mobile workforce applications that digitise all frontline operational workflows.

Integrated with CRS, police officers using Pronto can now also gain direct access to command and control, and the Police National Computer from the field.

Bill Skelly, chief constable for Lincolnshire Police, said: “We’re setting our force up for the future.

“We have entered a 10-year partnership with Motorola Solutions knowing that they are committed to making sure that we constantly stay at the leading edge of policing, as we will be able to add new innovations to our solution as soon as they become available.”

Motorola Solutions was awarded the 10-year contract by global security firm G4S.