Podcasting tool Alitu now allows users to edit audio using text commands.

Alitu, part of The Podcast Host family, is a simple tool for recording, editing and publishing podcasts.

It claims that the tool can halve the time it takes to edit a podcast, likening the process to tweaking a Google Doc.

The company’s AI transcribes the recorded audio and connects it to the Alitu Waves waveform editor, which then responds to changes in the text.


Jacob Anderson, the company’s head of marketing, explains the process with a story about a recording session with Alitu and The Podcast Host founder Colin Gray.

“Colin and I were knee-deep in a juicy chat about the impacts of AI, the sort of conversation where time flies. All of a sudden, Colin’s radiator chimes in with a sound that would make a kettle jealous: ‘Hold on, let’s pause; we’ll need to edit this out,’ Colin warns. We take care of it and get back to our recording groove.

“Flash forward to editing day. To be honest, with the craziness of the week, that whole radiator episode totally slipped my mind. In the past, I’d have to listen to the entire 50-minute recording – start to finish – to make sure I didn’t miss anything like that. 

Alitu text editor

“It’s the sort of detail that sneaks in, ruins the flow, and leaves listeners scratching their heads. It’s the sort of thing that could make you look unprofessional.

“This time was different, though. Text-based editing did its magic and out popped a clean transcript. I’m scrolling through, and there it is: our off-the-cuff radiator chat, complete with a written cue from Colin, saying we’d need to ‘edit this out’. A close shave – that would’ve been an amateur-hour move.

“A couple of clicks, and it’s like it never happened. No need for a full listen-through, no risk of overlooked mishaps, and best of all, no angst. The saved time went straight into brainstorming our next hot topic. That’s a win in my book.”

Podcast maker Alitu – which featured on our MediaTech 50 ranking this year – is used by close to 3,000 ambitious podcasters to ship their show – including Logitech, Harvard and Stanford Universities, Intuit, Workday and the NHS.

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