Alitu, part of The Podcast Host family, is a simple tool for recording, editing and publishing podcasts.

The all-in-one podcast maker is used by  2,600+ ambitious podcasters to ship their show – including Logitech, Harvard and Stanford Universities, Intuit, Workday and the NHS.

Why Alitu?

Podcasting can get overwhelming fast. Alitu gives you a simpler path.

TickMake a finished episode in less than an hour

TickOne online tool designed specifically for podcasting

TickMake your first test episode in 15 minutes

TickShip ever-better content tirelessly

TickFeel creative, excited and impact your listeners’ days!

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The Alitu way

Imagine your podcasting workflow simplified, and all in one place. Finally, feel like you’ve got time on your side. No more steep learning curves either. Just feel empowered to create something great.

1. Record (or upload) your episodes seamlessly

  • Simply share a link to invite up to 10 guests
  • Or upload almost any type of file, including video
  • Your AI audio cleanup done right away
  • Replaces recording tools like Zoom & Riverside


2. Let Alitu automate the audio engineering

  • Unwanted noises & hums – all taken care of
  • Never need to worry about WTF a LUF is
  • Sound consistently crisp and bold
  • Forget about file conversions, bitrates, ID3 tags, joining files and export settings – all done for you
  • Replaces DAWs like Audacity or Audition


3. Chop and arrange your audio with a visual builder

  • Easily trim your recordings and remove mistakes
  • Build your episodes intuitively with reusable blocks
  • Add some extra polish with intros, outros and smooth fades between segments
  • Replace editors like Audition or Garage Band


4. Generate transcripts automatically

  • Accurate transcripts generated in minutes
  • Pleasantly surprising accuracy
  • Easily make promo & accessibility assets
  • Replace transcription services like Rev or Otter


5. Publish to your host in a click, or use Alitu Hosting

  • Get your episode published on major distributors like Apple, Spotify, Google etc
  • Get detailed analytics, a podcast website and embeddable player with Alitu Hosting
  • Replace hosting tools like Buzzsprout or Anchor


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