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Just because you have an account at GamStop and you can’t play games at UKGC websites it doesn’t mean you can use only one payment method for gambling. As a matter of fact, you have a lot of banking options that are still available and you can use these for deposits and withdrawals at most casinos of this kind. Here, we will cover all the payment methods that GamStop users can use right now without any hassle.

Credit and debit cards

Yes, you can use credit and debit cards when it comes to gambling outside the United Kingdom. Here we can even see one benefit. On casino sites that accept credit cards like on NonGamStopBets you can use your CCs freely. This can be a massive advantage you can use at any given moment. 

In general, cards are one of the most popular and most commonly used payment methods in gambling. You can use these for deposits and withdrawals. All deposits are instant and they are free. Withdrawals are fast and they need 1-3 days. Add the fact that these methods are extremely secure and all websites support them and you can deduce why they are so appealing. It is almost impossible to find an online casino that doesn’t support cards.


You have been using e-wallets for gambling for a long period of time? If you still want to use these you can. Let’s just add that there are a lot of different e-wallets out there. Now you can use all of them and you can use each one you like. There are some exceptions. For instance, you cannot use PayPal. But, you can still use Neteller, Skrill, and many more.

One of the main advantages e-wallets offer is fast processing times. All deposits are instant and they are free. When it comes to withdrawals, you are looking at hours or even minutes. In other words, you can withdraw funds from the casino and they will end up on your e-wallet account on the same day. These are precisely the things players like and need. Now you can use these at most casinos but there are some variations. Some sites support all e-wallets while others support just a few.

An interesting advantage is that gamblers can create one account just for gambling. It will be divided from other payment methods and therefore most focused on gambling. This is something many gamblers have been using for ages and now you know why.


All GamStop players can use cryptocurrencies to fund and withdraw their funds from an online casino. Thousands of players go to crypto trading and use this payment method everywhere. These have been gaining popularity for a long time and soon, these will become one of the most popular payment methods sites accept and gamblers use.

First of all, we can see instant transactions. This applies to deposits and withdrawals so you will get the funds to the casino balance almost immediately. Then we can see the security. This is the ultimate method if you want to have a 100% secured transaction every single time. There is no way another person can steal your money. There won’t even be records that you used the money for gambling hence you can imagine how secure the use of cryptocurrencies actually is. In addition, most casinos are accepting these right now and more of them will accept virtual currencies in the near future. 

Here we can add a few more things. There are all sorts of cryptocurrencies you can find and use. Each one is different hence it can be used for a specific thing. All of these can be used for gambling. You can even make more money if you use cryptocurrencies. When the value increases, you will have more money. In other words, this means that if you withdraw virtual currency, it can generate more profit just by sitting on your account! 

Using virtual currencies is not as complicated as you may believe. You need a special online wallet and that’s it. 

Bank wire transfer

If you are on GamStop you probably think that using wire transfers is not an option. This is not true. In reality, you can use all types and variations of bank transfers you like. In other terms, you can deposit funds to the casino for free and instantly. You will be able to use this payment method for withdrawals as well. However, withdrawals are much slower than other payment methods have to offer. For instance, in this case, the scenario you may have to wait up to 5 days to get the funds back to your account.

One advantage is the security. Banks worry and care about these things so it is impossible for anyone to steal your money, your data and etc. There is no need to add that this is the oldest payment method hence it is still supported at 99% of casinos. Some casinos (very rare) support only this payment method. 

The final word

Gamblers who are on GamStop can still use a lot of different payment methods for gambling. We have covered the most appealing and the most popular ones. These are some of the most popular banking options. The most promising one is cryptocurrencies because it keeps your anonymity and does not share your information with banks. GamStop users are unable to use a few payment methods, while others are available. Each one has pros and cons.