Posted on July 12, 2018 by staff

Pay-as-you-go insurance launches for Britain’s gig-economy


Britain’s five million freelancers and self-employed workers can now buy pay-as-you-go insurance that covers them to work in over 80 professions.

London-based Zego, launched in 2016, already provides driving and delivery insurance for workers in the gig economy.

Now the cover is available for periods of hours and days through the Zego app, meaning workers can automatically start and stop insurance based on when a worker is signed in and working.

“This is about making insurance fit for the modern world where people don’t necessarily work full time or in just one profession,” said chief executive Harry Franks.

“We thought it was wrong that if I wanted to do a couple of hours work on the side I’d need an annual policy, so decided to do something about it. Insurance had to change.

“I saw first-hand while working at Deliveroo how insurance was stopping people getting into gig-work and when they did, potentially forcing them to work full time just to cover the cost of an annual policy.

“This is about protecting people exactly when they need it, in all the types of work that they may wish to do. That’s good for them and it’s good for their customers.”

In motor, Zego is currently integrated with sixteen platforms including Deliveroo. The first non-motor work platform to partner with Zego is babysitting app Bubble.

Zego is in advanced discussions with similar platforms providing professional freelance services, handyman, home cleaning and home care services.