Posted on April 6, 2017 by staff

Partnerships key for start-up app Letswapp


Lancashire-based Letswapp is looking to build a customer base through partnerships ahead of a full July launch of its app.

The idea behind it is to help people and companies swap skills which might otherwise prove prohibitively expensive.

“We want to bring the experience of networking to your mobile phone,” said the start-up’s founder Carlos Pinto.

“When you check people’s profiles on our app you can see their video pitch, portfolio and reviews of their services – and can make a quick decision about whether you want to work with them or not.

“We cater mostly to creative skills like design, marketing and web development. You select the skills that you are interested in or looking for and the app will display all the people who have those skills.

“Our simplified process allows you to arrange a meeting through submitting a request.

“You will be able to register for free, but with a premium subscription you will be able to get more leads and reach those who are looking for skilled people. When you sign up you list your own skills: you might be looking for a designer, while advertising your skills as a developer.

“I have a co-founder [Monica Lopez] who is an amazing graphic designer. We want to provide a great user experience [but] the big challenge is to get users. We are working on getting partnerships.

“So far we have found support to promote our app from groups that are part of the creative community in the Manchester area and Boost Lancashire.

“We are planning increase our key partnerships once we have launched the app.”

The duo originally planned a full launch of the app in January but opted to delay it after valuable feedback from early adopters and testers.

“We are working hard to develop and improve the user experience,” continued Pinto.

“We are planning to launch the app by the end of July of this year.

“We decided to go ahead with the new improvements before launching the app officially. The direction is the same – but now the concept and message are clearer.”

Letswapp has been selected to be part of the ALPHA Programme at Web Summit in November in Lisbon.

The ALPHA programme is a showcase for early-stage start-ups and gives them access to investors, mentors, workshops and roundtables.

“As a team, we see this as a great opportunity to showcase and promote Letswapp at a world class tech event,” added Pinto.

Asked about the decision to base the business in Darwen, a small town outside Blackburn in Lancashire, the South American said: “I am very impressed of the numbers of digital businesses that are around, mainly digital marketing and web design.

“It was a personal decision: I enjoy the view and living in a place with mountains nearby.

“The contact with nature is necessary when you spend around 12 hours per day working front a computer!”