Global identity verification and authentication provider Onfido has appointed Nate Skinner as chief marketing officer. 

Skinner joins Onfido from Oracle, where he was SVP of global marketing for its advertising and customer experience business.

He has also held senior roles at several of the world’s most successful software businesses including Amazon Web Services, Salesforce and Borland. 

In 2020, Skinner was named one of the 20 most important executives shaping the future of marketing technology by Business Insider. 

“Since March of 2020, entire market segments have digitized in weeks instead of years,” said Skinner. 

“Onfido’s AI-powered identity platform has enabled us to continue shopping, banking, and receiving healthcare remotely, safe in the knowledge that the person interacting with the service is who they say they are. 

“Onfido sits at this intersection of market demand and product fit, driven by a global transformation to digital first. I’m excited to join Onfido as we power this trend to simplify digital identification and onboarding for our customers.” 


Mike Tuchen, CEO at Onfido, added: “We are thrilled to have Nate join the team. His broad range of experience from sales engineering, product marketing, competitive intelligence, and demand gen across the world’s largest enterprise SaaS companies, will be invaluable to Onfido as we continue to scale and grow our technology into new markets.” 

The company achieved a record-breaking quarter in Q3, with a 93% increase in global revenue for the year-to-October and 100% growth in annually recurring revenue.