Singapore-based entrepreneur, Adrian Liew, is launching an app in the UK that will empower business leaders and foster a connected and agile workforce. 

OPPi, an AI-powered platform that digitises focus groups, is set to debut in the UK later this month.

Statistics reveal that 4 out of 5 employees still feel unheard within their organisation, yet the power of the employee voice cannot be underestimated. Research from The Workforce Institute demonstrates that when employees feel heard, a staggering 74% report higher levels of engagement, while 88% financially outperform their counterparts. 

Furthermore, 71% of employees feel more effective in their roles when they know their opinion is valued. OPPi aims to directly unlock these benefits, empowering leaders to bridge communication gaps, unlock employee potential, and drive organisational success.

Employing AI algorithms, OPPi analyses and interprets in real-time, structured responses and unstructured opinions around simple agree/disagree statements, generating comprehensive reports that illuminate key trends, sentiments, and preferences. 

OPPi also allows respondent comments to be turned into further areas for exploration within a survey, yielding deep insights into audience sentiment. By leveraging the power of data-driven decision-making, OPPi equips leaders with actionable insights to optimise strategies, enhance employee engagement and boost financial performance.

“OPPi is reshaping the way businesses understand and engage with their employees,” said Liew, who founded digital reputation agency, beknown, back in 2016. “Our app provides a digital platform that amplifies employee opinions, enabling leaders to make informed decisions that drive the wellbeing of both the workforce and transform the culture of the organisation as a whole.

“We’ve built OPPi to empower organisations to foster engagement, fuel financial success, and embrace the collective power of employee voice.” raises £1.1m to boost ‘lifeblood of any business’

Thanks to the Global Entrepreneur Programme, the UK government’s programme that helps high-growth overseas companies relocate to the UK, OPPi is now poised to transform the landscape for leaders looking to gauge the pulse of their people.

Martin Ward, technology partner at global growth and M&A advisory firm Waypoint Partners – recently appointed as the Tech Commissioner for the West Midlands – has been supporting the UK launch over the last few months. 

“OPPi is exactly the kind of venture that we want to welcome to the UK and West Midlands in particular – it’s innovative, people-focused, and is addressing a real business need,” he said.

“I’ve been working with Adrian and his incredibly talented team in Singapore for the past few months, and it’s great to have them now coming to the UK, to disrupt and improve the way businesses engage their people positively; it’s also great to see AI being used as a force for good.

“OPPi also has many practical applications beyond empowering people. It’s a great platform for brands looking to understand and retain customers, event organisers and surveyors keen to engage audiences in real-time, and so much more.”

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