Posted on January 29, 2020 by staff

Only 50% of Brits happy to use their face to unlock phone


Only half of Brits are comfortable using facial recognition technology to unlock their phones, suggests a new study commission by eCommerce marketplace

According to the 5,000 Brits questioned about their comfort with the burgeoning technology, 50% said they were comfortable unlocking their own device with a phone, while 32% would use the technology to pay for goods and services.

When asked about the use of facial recognition technology being used on themselves by others, the number dropped to 17%.

The news comes as smartphone-based facial recognition technology becomes standard in new handsets, and trials by the UK police force begin.

Concerns over use of the technology to monitor and survey people are shared by the Information Commissioner Elizabeth Denham, who last year launched an investigation into its use on a site in London.

Following the news, conducted its own survey of the technology’s use for payment by asking 544 Brits which products categories they would be most willing to pay for via facial recognition.

From this, it found household products, groceries and food were the most preferable, and least preferable was the use of facial scanning payment technology when making a holiday and travel transactions (30%).

Overall, from those surveyed, 65% reported that they feel they need to better understand facial recognition technology to be more confident and willing to use it as a form of payment.