Posted on June 5, 2018 by staff

‘One-click GDPR compliance solution’ launched


An artificially intelligent ‘one-click compliance solution for GDPR’ has been launched.

Egnyte, which helps people govern their data, will unveil its Egnyte Protect product at the InfoSecurity Conference in London this week. Until now it has been available in beta.

Egnyte Protect uses machine learning to identify GDPR-sensitive information in database repositories – in the cloud or on-site – and classify its risk on a scale of 1-9. You can choose which level of sensitivity the system flags up.

The most sensitive data, for example, would be credit card numbers, health information or phone numbers.

The General Data Protection Regulation came into effect on May 25th, marking the biggest change to UK and European data protection law in a generation.

It gives people more control about how their data is used, shared and stored and requires organisations to be more accountable and transparent about how they use it.

Those who breach the law risk being fined up to 20 million euros or 4 per cent of a company’s global turnover.

“The new GDPR has put a lot of pressure on organisations to be accountable for the data they are managing and challenging them to take responsibility for the safeguarding of this information, which I believe is long overdue,” said Jeff Sizemore, VP of Governance and Compliance at Egnyte.

“What we have built with Egnyte Protect is a simple, fast, and effective way for organisations to answer that challenge, giving them complete control over the entire data lifecycle – from creation to the retirement of this information.”

The tech works across 28 nations and 24 languages and is capable of understanding what data is considered sensitive by country and language.