Posted on July 19, 2019 by staff

North East Tech 50: Cast your vote for region’s exciting firms


The day has arrived to cast your vote for the North East’s most exciting technology company – welcome to North East Tech 50.

After sifting through nominations and carrying out our own research, we have compiled a long-list of almost 100 disruptive companies who are using tech in innovative ways.

We have assembled a stellar panel of judges who will each choose their top 15 companies. They are:

  • Jamie Hardesty, entrepreneur engagement manager, Tech Nation
  • Paul Lancaster, founder and director, Plan Digital
  • Herb Kim, founder, Thinking Digital
  • Jim Mawdsley, CEO, Generator
  • Laura Richards, head of communications, Sunderland Software City
  • Deb Mcgargle, chief legal officer, SeedLegals
  • Dawn Dunn, cluster manager for Fintech/Data, Dynamo
  • Stuart Lynn, founder, TechNorthEast
  • Alexis Long, programme manager, Ignite
  • Jonathan Symcox, editor, BusinessCloud

For the next two weeks we are also running a voting process for the general public. You have until midnight on Thursday July 31st to vote.

Vote for North East’s most exciting tech firm now!

The final 50 ranking, which will be published on August 12th, will be decided by a combination of the judges’ rankings and public vote.

We have included the names of the companies, where they are based and a short description of what they do.

Businesses must be harnessing tech in a disruptive way and be able to demonstrate that. They may also have evidence of:

  • high/fast-growing turnover
  • workforce growth
  • investment/high-profile backers

They are all tech-first organisations. We have not included large companies in other sectors with internal R&D departments, eCommerce retailers or technology infrastructure businesses such as telecoms. Agencies must be developing bespoke innovative solutions using the latest technologies.

Vote for North East’s most exciting tech firm now!