Posted on February 19, 2018 by staff

Digital and music agency Generator plans national expansion


Business support agency Generator has revealed a new unified brand ahead of plans for national expansion.

The rebrand is part of an effort to make it easier for potential clients to understand what the North East-based agency does.

The decision is the result of marketing audit funded by a £100,000 investment from Northstar Ventures.

Generator provides support for both businesses and creatives in the digital and music industries.

“Merging all sites into one and clearly explaining which services we offer, will help with our expansion plans across the North and even further afield,” said Generator chief executive Jim Mawdsley.

In 2015 the agency acquired Digital Union, a collective of creative and digital businesses operating in the North East. The agency also owns Tipping Point, a talent development programme for music creators.

“We want to practice what we preach and ensure our services are both responsive and ahead of the curve,” said Mawdsley.

“We needed our look to reflect this as we build more trust from a much wider client base.

“We now have a full suite of services aimed at music, digital creative, and tech businesses. You can expect to see more commercial services from Generator over the next 12 months.”