Northcoders – provider of training programmes for software coding and data engineering – has been appointed by NHS Digital as its 2022 onboarding partner. 

The deal will see Northcoders deliver a bespoke eight week-long programme in software development to NHS Digital’s 40-strong technology graduate intake.

The NHS Digital Graduate Scheme is a unique multidisciplinary programme that teams graduates with experts in the essential digital health skills and knowledge that drives NHS Digital’s mission. Graduates undertake four six-month rotations that can include IT operations; data services; platforms and infrastructure; product development; and cyber security.

The core aim of the onboarding academy is to ensure that all graduates have the same skills and foundations in software development before their departmental rotation starts.

This is the second year that Northcoders has partnered with NHS Digital. In 2021, 18 graduates took part. The programme will be delivered remotely and in-person at Northcoders’ Leeds campus which is located at West One on Wellington Street in the city centre.

The curriculum will start with an initial preparation week which will be followed by an introduction to programming that will cover HTML, CSS, building web pages, interfaces, starting a portfolio, JavaScript and writing algorithms. It will then move on to fundamentals which is where the learners will gain a solid understanding of the core concepts and best practices of programming.

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The final block of learning will show how Node.js can be used to run code for the back end, focus on ways of dealing with asynchronous programming, look at APIs and databases and cover Express and SQL. Learners will also work with third-party data sets and APIs, and deploy applications to the cloud. In the final week. The curriculum will culminate in the building and deployment of a full back end project using live data and APIs.

Amul Batra – chief operating officer at Northcoders – said: “We are delighted to once again be partnering with NHS Digital on its onboarding academy. The organisation is at the very heart of the NHS so it’s fantastic to play a small part in creating its tech stars of the future.”

Julie Pinder – chief people officer at NHS Digital – added: “The onboarding academy is a real knowledge springboard for our graduates and help sets them on their career path with NHS Digital.”

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