Ioconic has raised £1.1 million to fuel its ambitions in the NFT and digital asset space, in a funding round led by Kenetic, a leading VC firm in the blockchain ecosystem, as well as other private investors.

Ioconic is one of the first businesses to provide a turn-key solution for brands and individuals entering the digital asset arena. In a convoluted market, Ioconic leverages its experience and partnerships to provide a gateway into the digital universe, offering licensing and brand representation, NFT digital art creation, marketing, distribution, and social token creation.

Ioconic is currently a team of seven, comprised of specialists across blockchain, licensing and NFTs, and experience working with major brands, from film studios and global entertainment brands to football clubs and international sporting bodies. Between its co-founders, Jamie Lewis, David Sciama and Rob Sciama, as well as its advisors and investors, it has supported over 150 projects in the space.

The team has been involved in the NFT industry since its early beginnings and has been instrumental in its growth through advisory roles and investments. Ioconic’s partnership with Kenetic Capital now allows it unparalleled access to the most sophisticated technology solutions in the NFT market.

Jamie Lewis, CEO, Ioconic, said: “The digital asset market offers immense potential for brands to engage their fanbases in new ways – from games to exclusive experiences – and we’ve barely even scratched the surface yet.

“Naturally, we see lots of brands wanting to get into the space, but they don’t know the right way to go about it. There are so many platforms and marketplaces out there and you need to think very carefully about who you partner with – if they fail, you’re putting the assets and your brand’s reputation at stake. We manage risk across the board, including limiting exposure to cryptocurrencies for brands that are less comfortable in that arena.

“Ioconic is platform agnostic. We select the most relevant technologies for the brand’s digital asset strategy. Our wide network and experience enables us to create unique solutions for our partners to digitise their products and we’re already building out digital ecosystems centred around some of the world’s most recognisable brands.”

“This investment will allow us to continue partnering with global institutions as well as increasing internal resource – we’re excited to introduce more and more brands to a whole new world of customer engagement.”

Jehan Chu, Founder and Managing Partner, Kenetic, added: “The world is becoming more and more digitally native, and Ioconic is a trusted partner helping brands safely enter the NFT and digital asset economy.

“By leveraging years of experience in both product licensing and blockchain, Ioconic works with top global brands to extend their product line to digital and engage the next generation of consumers where they live.”