Posted on December 16, 2019 by staff

Newly launched UK RecTech start-up does away with CVs


A newly launched UK start-up is hoping to shake up recruitment processes with a new approach to finding and recruiting the best tech talent.

London-based Elbo hopes to eliminate the need for CVs, recruitment agencies and job boards by matching live IT job opportunities to individual based on their skills, experiences and personality traits.

Launched this year by CEO and founder John Bentley, the idea was born out of his own experience running large projects with significant IT recruitment needs.

The platform’s technology has been designed to overhaul traditional job specs and CVs by automating the process of matching a small number of relevant and available candidates to the employer’s criteria.

It defines these data points with what it calls ‘intuitive job building features’. Via an app, tech workers looking for a new job are given a psychometric profiling tool and an availability and interview scheduler.

“Having led large IT projects and been through the pain and time drain of recruiting the right people for the job, it was clear to me that traditional methods of recruiting, especially for challenging technology projects, were highly ineffective,” said Bentley.

“We’ve worked to make the elbo platform as easy to use as possible, whilst still capturing the right information. We use structured data, integrated with things like psychometrics to generate highly relevant shortlists in minutes rather than weeks.”