Posted on April 15, 2020 by staff

New website launched for furloughed tech workers


Tech accelerator Techcelerate, its companies and partners have joined together to launch ‘Furloughed Life’ aimed to connect workers and UK tech startups to stimulate economic activity.

The platform offers voluntary opportunities for workers who have been furloughed, but want to continue applying their skills. On the other end, these volunteers are hoped to increase the chances of survival for some of the UK’s tech start-ups. All profits from the scheme will be donated to the NHS for the first six months.

The project is led by Manoj Ranaweera of Techcelerate in coordination with Chris McCarthy of Focus 5 Recruitment and Ram Raghavan of Talent36T (t/a AiRA)

“As soon as the pandemic started, we had to change our focus for 2020 from building the next phase of Techcelerate to ensuring the survival of our tech company members,” said Ranaweera.

“Realisation that furloughed staff could help with this whilst gaining invaluable skills and experience led me to team up with Chris McCarthy and Ram Raghavan to launch Furloughed Life.

“Some people love what they do and having that taken away from them could impact their wellbeing. By volunteering they are being mentally stimulated, helping a business in need and gaining new skills and professional experience.”

Ram Raghavan of Talent36T (t/a AiRA) added: “With 2 out of 5 people reporting some form of anxiety, it is an excellent opportunity to tap into the collective intelligence of the furloughed employees to help start-ups.

“As human beings we are all driven by a sense of purpose. We achieve gratification when we are involved in activities that create value and when we can do our bit for the greater good. Volunteering will help individuals achieve that.”