A Scottish start-up has been backed by investors to provide lab-grade analysis to runners wherever they are. 

Tim Elizondo’s STRIDESENSE wearable tracker, by Attis Fitness, has been in development for four years and can analyse a runner’s whole stride – rather than just the wrists and feet – without the need to visit a laboratory.   

The tracker consists of five motion tracking sensors, which are placed around your legs and waists in secured pockets in STRIDESENSE leggings, which then connect via Bluetooth to the app.  


The movement of users is tracked across 10 specialised running metrics to provide specific, personalised feedback. 

“Our mission is to change the fitness tracking market for the better, by making professional running laboratory-grade technology accessible to all runners. In doing so, we’ll help people both improve their running and lessen the risk of injuries,” said the 26-year-old. 

“We believe STRIDESENSE is the future of running technology. As a sports engineer, I’ve been lucky enough to work with the latest sports lab technology and was amazed at how beneficial it is for performance and injury prevention.  

I wanted to make this technology readily available and accessible to all – not just professionals. “ 

The company is set to take its tech worldwide after a six-figure investment from an investor group led by Gabriel Investment Syndicate.   

Other investors included Strathclyde University’s Strathclyde Entrepreneurs Fund, Shancastle Investments and Scottish Enterprise. 


Gillian Macaulay, director at Gabriel, commented: “We are incredibly passionate about backing ambitious early-stage Scottish businesses. We have a huge belief in Tim, the company and the product.  

With our investment, we believe Attis will help runners improve all across the UK and beyond. STRIDESENSE is only the beginning and we are excited for Attis to launch yet more products to improve running for everyone.”