Posted on April 4, 2019 by staff

New Vibe Tickets website increases access to music events


Vibe Tickets has launched a new website which will increase the supply of tickets for fans wanting to attend music events and festivals.

Vibe was launched by Luke Massie on the premise that fans unable to attend gigs should not be penalised with fees when selling tickets on to others.

Meanwhile due to a lack of transparency in supply when tickets go on general sale, fans are also often hit with extortionate fees to see their favourite artists.

The firm, one of our ‘North West 251’ tech firms, says will add features to increase transparency in the ticketing industry.

Based on feedback from its users, it has been built to make the process of buying a ticket on the resale market a positive experience for both buyer and seller.

“We have listened to what the fans actually want and have delivered,” said Massie.

“Vibe Tickets is all about getting fans to the gigs they love and we’re doing that by offering a free and transparent marketplace. Good vibes only.”

The company doesn’t charge fans fees to buy or sell tickets and says it doesn’t use any pressure selling techniques.

All sellers have been through a validation process and have to agree to Vibe’s code of conduct, while transparent user profiles mean people can see exactly who they are buying from.

Soon fans will be able to buy both from other fans and ‘carefully selected trusted sellers’.

Vibe says these sellers have signed an ethical code of conduct and are easily identified by their ‘Vibe Verified’ badge.