Posted on December 3, 2019 by staff

New tech platform hopes to connect entire maritime industry


The CEO of newly formed platform OneOcean has outlined the firm’s ambition to connect the entire maritime industry.

London-based ChartCo merged with Montreal-based Marine Press in October to form OneOcean, the largest digital solutions provider in the maritime industry.

The new firm hopes it will bring down barriers between ship and shore-side teams through its increasingly interconnected maritime technology.

“OneOcean will play a major part in accelerating the rate of change in the maritime industry,” said  CEO Martin Taylor.

He said the firm’s technology would provide “the richest maritime data set, optimised for simple, informed decision making.”

The company will draw on its strength in research and development to further develop maritime software solutions, it said, and will aim to simplify increase regulatory compliance.

Commenting that the maritime industry is currently fragmented, Taylor explained OneOcean’s solutions will pull together data and systems from a wide range of sources from legislation to detailed Port data and tracking software.

“OneOcean’s unitary platform will connect all ship and shore-based operators – linking owners, managers and crew with port information, regulations, safety and environmental requirements – to enhance operational efficiency across the board,” he said.

“Transforming data into intelligent information will also provide transparency and enable informed decisions to be made by our customers, resulting in true reductions in total operational costs.”

Nearly 20,000 vessels are currently supported by OneOcean’s digital navigation and regulatory compliance solutions. OneOcean benefits from increased scale, geographic footprint and the largest R&D capability in the sector.