Posted on January 14, 2019 by staff

New social network vows not to treat users like ‘cash cows’


A new communication app has been released with a focus on protecting user’s personal data from data harvesting.

The global rollout of flaim begins in Jordan, before being launched in key markets around the world.

The app has been developed by parent company, Switzerland-based EQUIIS Technologies, a global leader in secure communications, which has added enterprise level encryption to the app.

Like SnapChat, flaim also allows users to “burn” or delete messages instantly, ensuring that nothing embarrassing is ever sent in error and private communications can never be discovered on a handset by a third party.

“Consumers should not be cash cows, to be milked for their data by social network owners,” said Derek Roga, CEO at flaim.

“Consumers should not need to worry about anyone listening in to their calls or having their data leaked or used unethically by third parties.”

“The flaim community can rest assured that 100 per cent of their data will remain theirs unless members choose otherwise.

“Whether calling someone in a distant country or simply messaging a friend in the mall, flaim is the perfect solution.”