Cloud-based analytics platform Value Xd has launched what it claims is the world’s first analytical ecosystem for sustainable impact investing.

Value Xd Impact was launched at the Responsible Investor Digital Festival by Value Xd, which featured in a prominent position on our South West Tech 50 ranking last week.

“Since the Paris Climate Agreement in 2016 and the conception of the UN Sustainable Development Goals investors have been tasked with aligning their investments with these new targets and objectives,” said Value Xd founder and CEO Dr Armen Papazian.

“As such, they need flexible and efficient platforms to achieve this, which is why we developed a private analytical ecosystem dedicated to impact investing.

“The time is now to try and stem the effects of climate change for future generations, and Value Xd Impact can play an integral role.”

Value Xd – An ideal ecosystem for ESG/impact assessment and reporting

The platform provides investors with unique modules that create the ability to design their impact responsibly.

Value Xd Impact reinterprets the analytical value chain, allowing investors to transfer their ESG and sustainability values to analytical tools in order to maximise their impact and help them deliver on their responsibilities.

It says that by doing so, it creates greater efficiency, transparency and effectiveness for investors.

Virtual tour of Value Xd Impact

Data is the raw material in all analytical projects; equations and algorithms are the analytical actions that are applied to data, with the outputs then used to make decisions in business and finance. However, in the most commonly used analytics software, equations sit behind the raw material, creating a fundamental architectural issue.

Value Xd says its platforms are game-changers because the equations sit above and in front of the raw material, as universal abstract tools that can be applied and shared globally at any time.

Furthermore, equations on the Value Xd platform are always written in mathematical language, and not coder-invented abbreviations. Value Xd Impact is said to break the boundaries of responsible, sustainable impact investing.

Alex Grigoryan, founder and Chief Technology Officer at Value Xd: “The technology we have developed is unique and unparalleled. Through innovative coding work, we transformed many of the elements of analytical modelling and presentation, introducing flow and efficiency where there was only tediousness, providing a unique user experience that makes analytics more effective.”

Value Xd Impact also provides the user a diverse set of pre-designed and pre-assembled tools. These are offered through the Add-On library which is a living library of downloadable and applicable models serving a specific analytical purpose.

These Add-Ons cover a wide variety of topics and fields, relevant to investors and their investee companies, including conventional and commonly used tools along with other new and more holistic ones, such as space value optimisation and other emissions calculators and projectors.

Papazian added: “The COVID-19 pandemic has triggered an intense stage in the already ongoing process of digital transformation. What makes this phase very special is that this digital deepening is accompanied by a change of mantra, forcing a radical change in philosophy and approach. From a world that was often driven to compete, we now find ourselves in a world keen to collaborate.

“Indeed, this change of attitude was a critical requirement for our global response to climate change. In this new chapter, technology has become a central conduit of trust, and a cornerstone for value creation, sharing and exchange.

“Value Xd Impact is designed as an analytical ecosystem for sustainable impact investing, a universe that facilitates and enhances the creation and sharing of analytical intelligence on a global scale.”