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Betting and gambling have been a means of entertainment since ancient times. Gambling has been a part of life for people who enjoy spending time with friends, but especially those who seek to gamble with odds and uncertainty.

Despite this, and in response to the vigour of online casino firms, gambling is no longer just a matter of mere entertainment but is now a multi-billion-USD a year industry. Of course, this opens up room for huge job openings and job development. Here are some of the most sought-after new positions in the world of gambling.

The world of work in casinos 

The casino industry is capable of generating substantial job opportunities for all. It is estimated that in 2019 alone, the land-based casino sector generated more than 18,000 jobs in Spain alone. Despite this, as evidenced by nettikasinot-ilman-rekisteröitymistä.com, there is a clear trend for the industry to move to digital versions that are more accessible to the general public. The platform aggregates the best online casinos on the market and by doing that, also creates job opportunities, for example in research or web design. Working for a company like this one can be done remotely, which can help create jobs globally.

Here are some of the most popular jobs in the online gambling sector:

1. Video game designers 

The online casino industry is set to assimilate the largest amount of human capital specialised in digital game programming. The reasons seem obvious; video game programmers are the people best placed to increase the supply of online casinos. It seems appropriate to point out that this is a job that already pays very well, as a video game designer currently earns an average of 111,916 USD per year in the United States, ranging from 21,413 USD to 576,759 USD annually. 

2. Web programmers 

Along with the development of the service offerings of these platforms, of course, the space in which they are offered plays a key role. Given the current boom of these platforms, it is perfectly possible for a person to dedicate themselves full time to the design and programming of online casino platforms. It is worth noting that plenty of activities are accumulated on these platforms. Features and resources, which is the reason why creating a user-friendly and intuitive interface, is crucial for survival in the industry. Currently, a web programmer in the United States can generate on average 33,000 USD per year, and up to 60,000 USD. 

3. Blockchain specialists

As cryptocurrencies have made their way into the international economy, they also have made their way into the casino industry. Given that these assets are becoming more and more common as a transfer mechanism, it is certain that more and more people are needed who are trained in the correct management of this capital. 

Similarly, it should be noted that spending on technological solutions involving Blockchain technology is on the rise worldwide. It is worth noting that more and more digital platforms are adopting this technology to make platforms more secure, and to make them more efficient when transferring data. Given the great benefits that this technology could bring to the sector, it is clear that casinos will require staff that can showcase their full potential to the industry.