Posted on April 29, 2019 by staff

New nationwide FinTech network launched


Three organisations have announced a new collaboration which will see the creation of a new national FinTech network.

The UK’s northern hubs FinTech North and FinTech Scotland have joined with national industry body, London-based Innovative Finance to create the FinTech National Network.

The new national network will aim to encourage FinTech innovators to work more closely and form new FinTech hubs and districts across the UK.

It also hopes to create initiatives which benefit the entire network, such as fostering new skills and talent, capital and investment and diversity.

“With our shared values of encouraging diversity and inclusion in financial innovation, we are looking forward to developing our partnership in supporting FinTech growth,” said Stephen Ingledew, CEO of FinTech Scotland.

“Innovate Finance is leading on valuable work in areas such as attracting investors, access to skilled people and international engagement, so we are delighted to be working in collaboration with them in supporting the development of FinTech enterprises.”

Chris Sier, chairman of FinTech North and a Treasury FinTech Envoy added: “London’s role in the global FinTech economy is a significant one, but I strongly feel the regional cities of the UK have much to offer on a national and international basis, even more so if they can collaborate with each other via initiatives like the FinTech National Network.”