Recovering business owners have a new tool to build a network of revenue-generating leads.

Incentive Manager, a new ‘referral generation platform’ based in Salford, has been created to build and track a network of referral partners who can pass leads to each other and access a virtual marketplace of referral opportunities.

Soft launched in the spring of 2020, it is now being used by two large networking organisations on a ‘freemium’ model.

Mark Linton, CEO of The Business Growth Network, said: “We have always had a high volume of referrals being passed around our members but have never had an effective tracking system.

“We decided to offer all our members access to Incentive Manager because it acts as a catalyst for new business opportunities, not just from The Business Growth Network but also from the wider referral marketplace.

“The good will it generates between our members is just as important as the revenue. It fosters collaboration because people are more willing to reciprocate when they can see the difference it makes to each other’s businesses.”

Incentive Manager MD Tim Ternent added: “One of my favourite authors is Dixie Gillaspie, who said ‘your network is your safety net and your fishing net. It will save your life and feed you for life if you build it well and treat it right.’

“I’ve found that other platforms are great for establishing a wider network, but engagement can sometimes be a bit long-winded.

“Businesses need immediate leads while they’re working to recover in times of uncertainty. We’ve created a platform that lets users manage their relationships more effectively and generate tangible revenue as quickly as possible.”