eConsult, a leading digital triage system for NHS GPs, A&E and outpatient clinicians, has appointed Rex Cooper as chief technology officer.

Reporting into CEO and co-founder, Dr Murray Ellender, Cooper joins eConsult following a range of technology-driven transformation roles. 

Prior to this, he worked for more than two years as the CTO of Your.MD, where he was responsible for driving forward a new self-care offering alongside an AI chatbot with automated medical safety checks, the entire reconstruction of Your.MD’s content platform and the implementation of a brand new iOS app. 

Cooper has also held leading technology roles at the Guardian and BMJ, where he led the agile transformation of the organisation’s tech offering.

His appointment comes following the news that the company’s GP product recently hit 20 million remote consultations.

At eConsult, Cooper will be focused on tackling ongoing technology challenges facing the health sector from data management to more integrated systems. 

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“There’s something special about the healthcare sector. I was looking for a role that would give me the opportunity to combine my passion for the world of technology and design, with my passion for doing work that contributes to supporting a better future for society,” said Cooper.

“eConsult has demonstrated that there is a smarter way for patients to access their GP, and quicker ways for them to be triaged in A&E. 

“I’m excited to work with the team to make smarter decisions with data as we work towards stitching systems across the NHS together, and we will do this all with a view to fine-tuning the AI that sits on top of the platform.”

Dr Ellender added: “Rex has all the ingredients that make an impactful CTO. He’s not only aware of our company mission but understands the technology that is required to make it a reality. 

“We are working towards an NHS that begins digitally for patients and ensures that all patients that require care, receive it from the right practitioner. 

“Building a team that understands this is so important as we are growing at pace, and Rex is 100% the person we need.”