Car-sharing platform hiyacar has announced the appointment of Jason Frank as Chairman and CFO to contribute to the company’s growth.  

Frank has been a presence at hiyacar since 2018 after he led a major investment round in the company. Since then he has advised the management team on fundraising and insurance, whilst enabling the management team to enhance the user experience – a move which has greatly contributed to hiyacar’s expansion.  

He brings 25 years of experience in spearheading various projects across the automotive and financial sectors. With a proven track record of performance improvement, financial management and data analytics, Frank will maintain a focus on user experience for both drivers (customers) and owners (trusted business partners) even whilst hiyacar’s service continues to increase in scale. 

The firm says Frank’s priority for the platform has always been on fitness for purpose from the customer’s point of view, not on ‘growth at any cost’. He has also emphasised the importance of designing a service based on what matters to both drivers and owners. 

Demand for car sharing in the UK is expected to grow this year as the lockdown eases and vaccine rollouts enable economic growth. This increase in demand complements hiyacar’s peer-to-peer element of the service, where private owners of cars can quickly join the platform and start sharing their cars in areas of high driver interest. 

This appointment comes during the launch of hiyacar in Edinburgh, which is the platform’s first introduction outside of England.  

It also recently partnered with to introduce more value to each other’s members, enabling drivers to more easily find and book parking, and offering hiyacars to people who may be sharing their parking space but need a car on occasion. 

“I am excited to work with the team and our customers–the drivers–to make the experience better every day,” said Frank.  

“We will keep learning what matters to drivers, and partner with car owners to give drivers exactly what they want.’’ 

Co-founder and CEO Graeme Risby said: “Jason Frank has been a great asset to us for a number of years, so to have him on the team permanently is something we are very excited about. His thirst to learn will continue to help us grow our presence in even more cities across the UK.”