Posted on March 20, 2017 by staff

New app puts patients’ medical records at their fingertips


National healthcare company Evergreen Life has officially launched an NHS-approved mobile app that places patients’ personal medical records at their fingertips.

The Evergreen Life app allows patients across the UK to download all their medical information, book GP appointments, order repeat prescriptions and view test results.

Uniquely, it also lets users share their personal information with health professionals, family and carers, giving full control to individual patients.

The pioneering software is part of Evergreen Life’s vision to create ‘people powered healthcare’.

More than 50 per cent of GPs in England are already linked up to the app via the EMIS system – used by GPs to manage patients within a practice – with full nationwide access expected within the next few months.

This will include integration with the other two major systems used in England.

The app features a number of other helpful tools including a medication diary and reminder, donor data and a health and fitness monitor which records results such as heart rate, blood pressure, body fat and muscle mass.

It is also an ideal platform for parents who wish to be able to view and share their child’s medical records.

Stephen Critchlow, CEO of Evergreen Group, said the app was created to allow users to access and share potentially life-saving information, while reducing wasted time and cost for both GPs and patients.

“Our aim is to revolutionise the healthcare sector by putting the power back into patients’ hands. Every patient has the right to ask their GP for access to their own medical records and it is now extremely easy to manage this information though our new app.

“Users will then have full control of their healthcare, fitness and wellbeing in a way that has never before been possible. We are helping people to take control and empowering them to live healthier lives.

“We also want to eliminate the hours spent on the phone, sending lengthy emails and wasted trips to the doctor’s surgery.

“At the same time, we understand the daily pressures that GPs and the NHS are under and this app will save both time and money, as well as minimising the chances of important medical data being delayed or misplaced.

“By giving its approval for this app, the NHS is demonstrating a commitment to creating more effective ways of storing and sharing records and results.”

Evergreen Life is part of the Manchester headquartered social impact and sustainability company Evergreen Group, which also includes Evergreen Energy and Ascent Ventures.

The Evergreen Life Personal Health Record is available via Apple, Android and desktop platforms.