Posted on March 14, 2018 by staff

New app helps clinicians take control of learning process


The Royal College of Physicians of Ireland has launched a new mobile app helping trainee clinicians take control of their learning experience to become world-class physicians.

The app, launched with digital partners Discerning Digital, is already empowering busy medics to keep on top of their training and continuous personal development requirements amid busy schedules and time required in clinical environments.

Bringing together the services offered by RCPI to their users in a single place with quick, secure access avoiding the need to repeatedly log in, users can seamlessly access learning materials on the go, book onto courses and events and network with other medical professionals from the same disciplines.

“The launch of the RCPI app is a great moment for us and for our members,” said RCPI deputy CEO Joanna Holly.

“They told us they needed better access to our services that make them world-leading clinicians, and they needed the flexibility to work when they could, wherever they were. The RCPI app helps them do this and more.

“Discerning Digital has been a committed and insightful partner and we’re looking forward to the next stage of our transformation, as RCPI continues to grow as a global business.”

RCPI is one of Ireland’s most prestigious medical training organisations, helping doctors to become world-class specialists since 1654, while Discerning Digital is one of the UK’s first dedicated practical digital transformation consultancies, helping businesses reinvent for the future with digital tools, products and services.

Discerning Digital MD Richard Lucas said: “Creating a meaningful customer experience that delivers true value is of the most powerful reasons to invest in digital transformation.

“This is something RCPI understands really well and why our partnership has been so valuable.

“Building the RCPI app has helped us reach time-poor clinical trainees and support them in the most efficient, effective ways.

“It has also given us key insight into the technological transformation opportunity that exists in healthcare and highlights why more organisations need to be as proactive in the technology space as RCPI.”