Posted on July 19, 2018 by staff

New app gets teeth into dental phobias


Going to the dentist isn’t a pleasant experience for anyone – but for some people it’s a cause of huge anxiety, and for others it’s just not possible.

Sufferers of dental pain will now be able to connect with qualified dentists from the comfort of their own homes thanks to a new website and mobile application.

Aiming to help those who are unable to visit a dentist or who have severe dental phobias, Dental Republik provides patients with on-the-go access to tailored answers from professional dentists.

Patients can choose from a variety of pre-loaded questions or ask their own, as well as upload supporting materials such as images or x-rays of their mouth to highlight or block out information as needed.

The query is then put to Dental Republik’s network of experienced dentists who use their knowledge and expertise to respond.

This allows patients to know exactly what to expect upon their next dental visit and be in a position to address any issues or concerns they may have.

Managed by a team of dental and tech professionals, Dental Republik is also ideal for those looking for further information on treatments that may have already been offered to them.

The app is free to download, and each submission is charged depending on the speed of the response users receive. Submissions start from around £6 and if queries are not responded to within 30 days from submission, patients receive a full refund.

No emails, phone numbers or payment information are stored and users do not need to make an account to use the service. Instead, only the device’s unique identifier number is used to recognise the user and all data is deleted seven days after question completed to ensure complete confidentiality.

“We know how confusing and expensive dental work can be, so we’ve come up with an innovative software platform to make the process pleasant and easier for everyone involved,” said the founding team.

“By providing patients with mobile access to information from professional, qualified dentists, we aim to improve access for those who are unable to visit a dentist or who have anxieties about dental care, in turn reducing the rate of overtreatment and promoting prevention over cure.

“We do not financially benefit from dentists offering unnecessary work or overtreatment as patients pay a fixed submission fee – we have simply created a responsive platform to help keep the public informed with regards to their oral health.”

The company is starting to build a fantastic network of dental professionals from across the world and is currently searching for more dentists to join the platform.

Dentists are required to be qualified and registered with their governing body and to be in good standing order to be allowed access to the platform. They are able to work from home, answering as many or few questions as they like.