My Digital has launched a communication system and API portal which will help employers pay, tax and onboard the new generation of flexible workers.  

It says the conversational-style chat assistance sets a new benchmark for the user experience in this growing sector of the UK workforce. 

Flexible employment is accelerating across the UK in diverse roles including construction, IT, healthcare, retail and logistics. My Digital’s software is designed specifically to provide transparency and speed up core processes needed to manage a workforce increasingly made up of flexible employees.  

The platform reduces the time and staff required to manage the complexities of the new world of flexible employment by providing organisations with real-time information on workers’ time, money and tax status.   

It is expanding its partnering ecosystem by opening an API portal which supports seamless data exchange between recruitment agencies and payment intermediaries, allowing its platform to integrate with CRM systems.

“Over the years it has come to our attention that customers prefer to keep their investments in one unified space, allowing for extra visibility and transparency,” said CEO John Whelan.  

“This is becoming increasingly important with companies now being urged by the HMRC to have a better understanding of their supply chain due to an increase in mini-umbrella company fraud. 

“The API portal allows this transparency to happen, with two different functions. One function allows our customers to now have the ability to integrate their CRM systems, and the second is a fluid integration between umbrella and agency systems. 

“My Digital’s API portal and comprehensive conversational support system are integral for not only keeping account of the Quantum employed workforce but empowering them to support the businesses of tomorrow.”