Boardwave, a new community for European software leaders at all stages of development, has launched to help foster a generation of businesses capable of competing on a global scale. 

The networking organisation aims to support founders and CEOs in European software to build successful organisations, from first time CEOs and founders of startups to highly experienced leaders of global companies.

It has 350 founder members, from startup founders to global business leaders, and is backed by internationally recognised brands including Bank of America, Blackstone and Rothschild & Co.

Boardwave was founded by Phill Robinson, an experienced chairman, CEO and non-executive board member in the software industry and former CMO at SalesForce.

“People used to talk about access to capital as a barrier to building a successful software business in Europe, and that is no longer the case,” he said. “However, up until now we Europeans haven’t had the opportunity to share our knowledge and wisdom with others in our community, the way leaders in Silicon Valley have done for many years. 

“We have lots of experience right here in Europe to help each other solve difficult issues as we scale our companies, but it remains fragmented throughout the continent.”

By creating a community, Boardwave brings together the experience of leaders to make it easy for other members to tap into it and get help and advice when they need it most. 

Boardwave connects leaders to peers who have ‘walked in their shoes’. Unlike many networks that focus heavily on the earlier stages, it has been set up to support its members from startup through to eventual exit. 

It does this through individualised, bespoke support in the form of mentorship on specific challenges leaders are facing at different stages of growth. The depth of Boardwave’s membership – which includes leaders of Fortune 500 companies and those pursuing IPOs as well as mature growth company CEOs and founders at a startup or scaleup level – means leaders can access impartial, deep sector expertise at their fingertips via Boardwave’s online platform. 

The service is combined with a wide range of issues-driven events and unique networking opportunities which pull a geographically distanced and often fragmented industry together.

Boardwave is a not-for-profit organisation and membership is free. It generates income via sponsorship, from investors and other suppliers to the software sector, pledging an annual corporate subscription fee to participate. 

These fees provide the income to support the annual programme of events and supporting costs. Any income that is surplus at the end of the year is donated to charity. Boardwave’s chosen Charity Partner is Cure Parkinsons.