A side hustle described as the ‘Netflix for pets’ is celebrating being streamed more than one billion times last year.

MusicForPets was co-founded in 2017 by Manchester entrepreneur Amman Ahmed and Ricardo Henriquez.

The pair recognised the power of music in soothing the anxiety of dogs and cats and it became a global phenomenon.

Last year MusicForPets was acquired by Hollywood hip-hop giant Create Music Group for an undisclosed eight figure sum.

Now it’s been revealed it has achieved a major milestone after its original music and videos were streamed more than one billion times last year.

A delighted Ahmed said: “We are thrilled to join the Billions Club and continue to serve pet owners and their furry friends.

“This is an incredible benchmark and we hope to continue to build on the success for years to come.”

Ahmed launched the business with just £750 of his own savings.

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Their original music became a favourite companion for pets and their owners on YouTube, Spotify, and other digital service providers (DSPs) around the world.

The company’s research shows that 87 per cent of dog owners report that their pets are less stressed after being exposed to Relax My Dog’s content.

MusicForPets became known as ‘Petflix’ and received the coveted YouTube Gold Creator Award after racking up over a million subscribers on the streaming platform.

It was against this backdrop that MusicForPets was acquired by Hollywood-based Create Music Group for an undisclosed eight figure sum in 2023.

Ahmed said: “We hear from pet owners all over the world that Relax My Dog and Relax My Cat have made a huge positive impact on their pets’ overall emotional health.”

Speaking last year Ahmed encouraged people to have a side hustle of their own.

“In the US everyone has a side hustle but we don’t tend to do that in the UK,” he said.

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“My advice to is to focus first on fixing a problem and adding value to people’s life. That’s what we did at MusicForPets.”