Posted on January 26, 2015 by staff

Net Firms Condemn “Snoopers’ Charter”


Today the House of Lords will discuss a draft legislation that UK net firms have likened to a “snoopers’ charter”, which is passed, would make ISPs log more of what people do online.

The amendments are proposed for the Counter Terrorism and Security Bill.

It would also make the logged data more easily accessible to law enforcement and security services.

The 18-page addition was “ill-judged” and “regrettable” said the ISP Association (Ispa).

The Open Rights Group, which campaigns on issues of digital freedom, said the amendment was an “abuse of procedure”.

The amendment to the Counter Terrorism Bill has been proposed by a group that includes a former Conservative defence secretary, a former Metropolitan police commissioner, a former Labour defence minister and a Liberal Democrat peer.

The amendment comes as the UK intelligence services seek more powers to gather and analyse data which they say is needed to thwart attacks such as those seen earlier this month in Paris.

“We urge Parliament to reject this attempt to insert complex legislation into an existing Bill at the last minute,” said Ispa in a statement.

The Open Rights Group also criticised the amendment saying in a statement: “The Lords cannot have time to properly consider the bill, and would deny the Commons the opportunity to consider the clauses as well.”