Posted on December 14, 2017 by staff

NatWest app lets you create the ‘perfect pitch’


NatWest has launched a new video app designed to help entrepreneurs create the perfect business pitch.

The NatWest Pitch app allows a user to record different parts of their pitch separately and then put them together to fine tune the pitch.

The ready-made structure is set out to ensure that entrepreneurs include all the important pieces of information to keep their audience interested and then allows the user to share their pitch with others to help raise their business’ profile.

“It’s important that people can deliver a clear, concise and memorable pitch that describes themselves and what their business does,” said Gordon Merrylees, head of entrepreneurship at NatWest.

“We continue to be inspired daily by the entrepreneurs we support and this demonstrates how we have been truly innovative ourselves by building this app.

“I look forward to seeing the many examples of how the app is utilised to create pitches which assist entrepreneurs in achieving their ambitions and help them start, scale and succeed.”

Darrell Irwin, founder of Cre8ion and previous resident of the Entrepreneurial Spark hub powered by NatWest hub in Bristol, added: “Networking will increase your net worth and having a pitch in the pocket really does open doors. Pitching is an extension of yourself and an opportunity to share your story.

“The ready-made structure enabled me to get my story across quickly and simply. Entrepreneurship is not denying fear but learning to deny its negative influence by facing it.”

The app, which is available on iTunes, is still in the early stages of development and will progress over time as the community of entrepreneurs grows.