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Eagerness to follow current trends and influential people on social media have made the values of companies such as Instagram, TikTok and YouTube jump.

In the early 2000s, the rise of trending news and activities has made corporates desperate for a share of the marketing potential. Today, social media companies are raking in colossal amounts of money from ads.

The valuable minutes and seconds driving the value of TikTok have prompted the creation of the Naga Platform — a social platform for investors. Many people copy popular trends; the wave-like situation creates a feeling of belonging. Naga wants to bring the wave to influence the attitudes of people towards making the right investment decisions through its auto-copy feature. Naga targets to invite popular investors and successful ones too—these people will set the trend and help as many people as possible to hack it in trading.

The core pillars of the app will do the rest of the job for users after observing a trend from an influencer. Naga’s accounts allow users to invest in crypto, make payments and manage their stock portfolios.

Core pillars of the NAGA super app

The Naga social NEO-broker is a futuristic highlight for the platform; it permits short and long trades for over 1000 assets. Users pick their choice assets and trade any of them for as low as €0.99. 

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a key feature of the app; it can learn the intricacies of a user, including their trading patterns, and help them make the right calls in their trades. The learning feature is proprietary, making the app revolutionary and a market leader, licensed in both Australia and the EU. 

Proprietary tools in the ecosystem of the app go beyond trading, with a wallet and banking section to contemplate. Brokerage in the app is possible because of integration with social trading tools and a crypto wallet. Visa Debit card insurance and IBAN support are sophisticated finance features in the app that have regulatory support from authorities in the UK and EEA area.  

Auto-copy feature in the NAGA super app

The most skilled traders influence the market and budding traders alike. NAGA’s auto-copy feature enables newbie traders to access the calls made by influential traders while learning the ropes of trading themselves. One user can communicate with another in real-time and execute trades quickly enough before a significant price change in the stock market. Through the inbuilt messaging feature, two traders can plot their trades and execute them in their respective trading terminals in record time. 

Experienced traders have a unique view of the trading data, complete with the ability to analyze complex data and synchronize it to come up with an effective strategy. NAGA allows the exchange of this data without compromise on the skills of newbie traders, as the “leader” segment helps simplify information for everyone to follow. The leaders set the trends in the complexity that they understand, but the newbie traders get the information in a simplified form to usher in a trend synonymous with that of TikTok.

Copiers, the newbie traders, or an experienced one looking for a different angle can follow up to five leaders to help manage their trades.  

Investor influencers increase trading activities across various markets significantly. Traders with influencers are up to four times likely to make investments compared to those who do not. NAGA values leaders by giving them a small portion of the returns made by the copiers; they get up to 35 percent of the copier fee per copier trade used. 


A social perspective in making trades is revolutionary in getting younger people to appreciate the intricacies of trading. Breaking down the complex information can help newbies go all the way to pro traders in record time. 

Naga’s auto copy feature borrows from other social media by creating trends; TikTok works this way to influence the masses.

Coupled with AI, the helpful features to young traders can help rally the stock market and other trading instruments.