Posted on May 15, 2017 by staff

MPD Group rebrands as Sorted.Group for global roll out


Manchester-based MPD Group has announced that it has rebranded to Sorted.Group in time for the worldwide roll-out of its delivery experience tech.

Led by a team of industry experts who bring together decades of board-level expertise from the worlds of tech, logistics and retail, Sorted.Group is driving a wave of technological changes across the global delivery industry as it becomes the new battleground for eCommerce growth and customer loyalty.

The proliferation of technology has driven massive changes both in the eCommerce industry and in its consumers, but the delivery industry has failed to keep pace says Sorted.Group, founder and CEO, David Grimes, with the last real innovation in the industry being Sunday delivery in 2015.

This is now set to change according to Grimes, who believes the industry is being held back by a ‘delivery experience gap’ which his company is set to attack.

“Consumer expectations have reached an all-time high as retail giants such as Amazon continually push the art of the possible on delivery,” he says.

“Customers now expect their goods to arrive when they want it, where they want it and how they want it. When you align this with what is actually possible in terms of the tech and capabilities at both retailer and carrier level, there’s a massive ‘delivery experience gap’ that we intend to address.

“Today’s consumer is used to being able to order a taxi, find love, rent a house in a foreign country and listen to whatever music they want with the swipe of a finger.

“So, why can’t they get their parcel redirected to work instead of their home, an hour before it’s due, simply at the touch of a button? The delivery industry hasn’t nailed this level of simplicity when it comes to the delivery experience. That is until now.

“At Sorted.Group we are harnessing and developing tech to embrace this change and give customers what they want, control.”

Sorted.Group was founded in 2010 by David Grimes with the launch of and has gone from his parents’ kitchen table to a global software company in just seven years.

By the end of 2017, Sorted.Group’s technology will be operating in 19 countries, 12 languages, and nine currencies.

Today, Sorted.Group is headquartered out of Manchester city centre and its portfolio comprises: Sorted (new App launching late 2017), Sorted.Pro (formerly Electio), Sorted.Hero (formerly Basket Hero) and

Alongside the unveiling of its new brand, the Sorted.Group is also announcing that it is set to launch a new game-changing app later this year.

The app is set to make retail delivery a customisable and customer-centric event as it provides the functionality to aggregate all of a consumer’s different delivery and returns correspondence into one place.

With options to track deliveries and returns through Facebook and WhatsApp, the app will also work as a single unified paperless returns app. This will allow retailers to better blend their logistics partners into the customer journey, creating a seamless delivery experience.

“With the Sorted app our thinking has evolved past the click to ship, and delivery is set to become a completely customisable and customer-centric event,” says Grimes.

“Our tech unifies a customer’s expectations with a retailer’s endeavours and the fast-moving innovations and services that carriers are continually bringing to the market to create the best possible delivery experience for everyone involved. Sorted.”