Posted on August 17, 2018 by staff

Most popular AI firm in UK revealed


Earlier this week BusinessCloud published its 51 AI Innovators list, detailing  some of the UK’s most disruptive and innovative companies.

The list was published in alphabetical order so we invited the public to vote for the one they thought should be top  – and we were swamped with votes from all round the world.

To make it fair it was only one vote per person and/or email address. Based on votes received it quickly became a three-horse race between London-based DigitalGenius, Oldham’s EnergiMine and Liverpool firm LivingLens.

By the time the voting closed at midday on Thursday the clear winner was DigitalGenius, which uses AI to automatically organise and reply to incoming customers messages.

The technology can identify what customers mean when they get in touch, suggest pre-written replies, and put a customer services department ‘on autopilot’.

“We are proud to be recognised for contributions in creating practical AI that connect customer service conversations with back-end processes,” said founder and CEO Dmitry Aksenov.

“The DigitalGenius team works hard to ensure our AI solutions are easy to use, and more importantly, are truly innovative solutions that deliver great results for our customers.”

One voter said of DigitalGenius: “They are leading the market and have delivered AI to customer service teams around the world. They’ve made AI less about hype and more about the real world. It should give confidence to everyone in the sector.”

Another added: “They’re pioneering the future of customer services and pushing the boundaries of what AI can do.”

Following closely behind DigitalGenius was EnergiMine, which uses AI and blockchain technology to help buyers manage and purchase electricity and gas, and analyse their energy usage data.

And in third place was Liverpool-based LivingLens, which provides video data mining technology for leading brands such as Unilever, Vine and Carphone Warehouse.

In fourth place was London-based BenevolentAI, which speeds up medical discovery.

Voters said the company showed “a strong female leadership and they’re showing the world why London is the global AI hub”, and should be nominated “for tackling untreated diseases and re-inventing the drug discovery process”.