Posted on September 20, 2017 by staff

Most entrepreneurial cities in the UK revealed


A study of the most entrepreneurial cities in the UK has placed London down in 12th spot with Brighton and Manchester leading the way.

Instant Offices analysed Companies House data and compared population estimates with business growth to determine an ‘Entrepreneurial Index’.

See below for figures of how many businesses were launched in the cities in the last two years along with their index score.

John Williams, head of marketing at Instant Offices, said: “I can understand the appeal of Brighton and the south coast of England.

“It is a bit of an antidote to the hustle and bustle of the capital while possessing a strong, creative industry and really appealing to business owners and workers seeking a more relaxed alternative to London.

“We have seen record demand for office space in Brighton and also a large increase in the number of operators trying to set up space in the city to cater for its growing business community.”

Brighton 15,734 – 11%
Manchester 32,934 – 11%
Nottingham 16,288 – 9%
Leicester 16,324 – 9%
Newcastle 12,848 – 8%
Coventry 14,664 – 8%
Birmingham 52,758 – 8%
Bristol 16,610 – 7%
Cardiff 12,694 – 7%
Edinburgh 16,432 – 6%
Glasgow 22,228 – 6%
London 312,794 – 6%
Liverpool 15,166 – 6%
Leeds 14,434 – 4%
Belfast 1,916 – 1%

According to a report by the Centre for Entrepreneurs, a record number of businesses were launched in the UK in the last year, with London leading the way.

Williams said London remains a leading draw for new businesses.

“According to many ranking systems London has been hailed as the greatest city in the world, with its combination of thriving financial hub, vibrant culture, strong education system and multi-cultural appeal,” he said.

“For entrepreneurs in particular, the capital continues to be an international draw with relatively low corporation tax, an ever-growing pool of talent and strong global client base.

“London now also boasts a diverse selection of places to work, in a variety of locations that really drive creativity and collaboration.

“As one of its greatest citizens Samuel Johnson said: ‘When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life.’

“You cannot put a price on its vibrancy and the collective buzz that drives business, perhaps more than in any other time in its wonderful history.”