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Online trading platforms leave new traders a little confused. The diversity of alternatives makes the selection process more difficult. Even though there are central platforms that are used by most experienced or beginner traders. For example, such kinds of trading platforms are cTrader, MT4, and MT5. 

If you are not advanced in trading and possible trading platforms, this article is the best option for you to understand everything about what is MT4 or MT5 and use the information about the leading developers to increase the effectiveness of your trading experience. This will not be a massive educational article. We aim to inform you with the key facts which will be helpful for both advanced and new, inexperienced traders.

What Are MT4, MT5, And cTrader?

All these mentioned names are one of the most frequently used and popular online trading platforms. Even though cTrader is quite successful, according to the latest search, MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 remain the leading ones. These two platforms are operated by MetaQuotes developer company, while cTrader is from Spotware. The main common advantage of these developers is that they build a strong, positive reputation over the years and you can forget worrying about safety and data protection. MetaQuotes as well as cTrader provide high-quality, guaranteed trustworthiness for every interested user.

Before we outline deeper details, better to outline some general framework. The first is cTrader, a great trading platform for Forex and CFD traders. If we start listing its features, it takes a long time because this multi-asset platform offers high-quality graphics, charts, and market analysis tools for better searching. You can easily begin trading with different order types and an amazing interface that is very easy and comfortable to navigate. 

The main aim of cTrader is that they want to create a revolutionary investment service that will be affordable for everyone. They want to allow easy and effective strategic services which will help investors to trade with the lowest costs and maximum effectiveness. Another great fact about cTrader is that with automated bots, you can increase your trading time and allow robots to trade instead of you. You can customize your goals as well as resources which will be considered while the trading bot makes a decision. 

On the other hand, we have MT4 and MT5, which are the leading trading platforms for trading with Forex, stocks, different bonds, CFDs, and other optional markets. MetaTrader5 is the improved version of MT4 which only features Forex and CFD trading possibilities. Even though MT5 is faster, and allows users to make deeper market searchings or use additional features, for Forex traders, MT4 remains the most used platform for trading. Both of them have great opportunities with different numbers of order types, support and safety systems, financial calendar, and others. Another amazing fact about them is that MT4 and MT5 are well-known for their great interface, which gives you a very comfortable space to do the needed searching in market data.

The main contrast is compatibility. It is not connected to technological access but with the ease level of using these platforms. Metatrader4 still is the leading online trading platform because it is simple to use. This means that new traders who have less experience in market analysis prefer to choose MT4 for an easy and effective start. cTrader is a better option for advanced traders because similar to MT5, it includes a more complex interface with feature-diverse functionality and analytical tools. More details can be found here where cTrader compared with MT4 and MT5.

The main difference between cTrader and MT5 is the used programming language. More specifically, MetaTrader5 uses MQL5 as a programing language while cTrader uses C#. If we look at the visual side, cTrader is more good-looking because it has more organized charts and tables which are perfectly merged with the design, while MT5 uses the classic interface similar to MT4. It is not more oriented on the visual side but the quality of possible, deep market searching. 

The main facts you need to know about SpotWare And MetaQuotes

As we said, MetaQuote is the owner of MT4 and MT5 while cTrader is owned by Spotware. This is a fintech company that was founded in 2010 and has had great success in the global trading market. They build a very positive reputation with their trustiness and user orientation. Their main address is in Cyprus.

On the other hand, MetaQuotes has a greater experience in the trading market because they released their first trading platform, MT4, in 2005, whereas MT5 was released in 2010. They are safe and remain the most successful in the financial software market. Different from SpotWare, this company was based in Russia. They aim to create an environment that will be a future trend in the investing market, while SpotWare claims that they will create the most useful and supportive trading atmosphere. 

Even with these differences, you can start trading on both developers’ platforms, but if you are faced with a lack of experience, we would like to recommend starting from the easiest alternative.