Posted on March 28, 2018 by staff

Modern tech candidates need to be all-rounders


It is becoming more important for IT workers to expand their skillsets in the modern job market, according to a technology recruitment specialist.

Angela Lewis, the technology recruitment lead for global agency Morgan McKinley, anticipates a convergence of disciplines in IT recruitment.

“The technology industry is renowned for going through hype cycles [such as] digital, Big Data, machine learning/artificial intelligence and cyber security,” she told BusinessCloud.

“There is a greater convergence of these disciplines as they all move from little-understood concepts to practical implementation.

“For example, in the cyber security market there has been a steep increase in the adoption of AI and machine learning due to the potential to predict attacks and uncover previously unknown threats.

“In the data sector, there is also an increase in the demand for candidates with soft skills and analytics skills.

“There is also an unsurprisingly shift towards cloud technologies such as AWS and the demand for machine learning, artificial intelligence and deep learning skills will continue.”

Despite the tech skills gap it is essential for prospective candidates to have “extra-curricular” activities on their CVs such as hackathons, according to Lewis.

“A qualified penetration tester is sought after, but one who regularly competes in ‘capture the flag’ events and hackathons may sit atop the same pedestal.

“Striking a balance between completing certifications and becoming immersed in your industry creates an all-in-one candidate for most security roles.

“Keeping up to date with the latest technologies will help. Try everything, then become a specialist – but be prepared to venture into new territories.”

She added: “Penetration testing to assist with GDPR compliance is a big focus at the moment.

“The stringent laws on what you can and cannot do with an individual’s data means teams that test the validity and strength of security are becoming more prevalent.

“This is both through systems and in person using social engineering techniques.”

Morgan McKinley is headquartered in Ireland and has offices in the UK, Australia, China, Canada, Hong Kong, France, Singapore and Japan.