Sustainable grocery delivery service The Modern Milkman has joined the growing number of companies to achieve B Corp status.

The Certified B Corporation is part of a global movement of businesses who meet the highest standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.

The Modern Milkman was launched after the founders were shocked at how single use plastics were killing animals and chocking the environment in an episode of Sir David Attenborough’s BBC series Blue Planet.

The company has experienced growth of over 500 per cent of each year since its inception on the back of their mission to reuse packaging and allow consumers to shop ethically and sustainably.

The Modern Milkman has spent 18 months getting B Corp status and say it reflects their promise to be a force for good.

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A spokesman said: “Being a B Corp means looking beyond our own business and looking at ways we can change our economic system to positively impact all stakeholders: workers;  communities;  customers; and our planet.   It’s why the ‘B’ in B Corp stands for ‘Benefit for All’, because we’re committed to helping the world and everyone in it.

“We wanted to do more than just say we were helping the planet. We wanted proof, and a way to show others that we’re committed to the cause. By becoming a B Corp our community knows that we’re serious when we talk about reducing plastic helping our community, and making sure we positively impact our stakeholders.”

To be a B Corp company, The Modern Milkman was measured against five key impact areas: Governance; workers; community; environment; and customers.  Successful companies need to score at least 80 points but The Modern Milkman smashed the target with 94.1.

The business, which was founded in Colne, Lancashire, is planning to reduce its carbon footprint through a series of measures including adding more electric vehicles to its rounds.

Last year The Modern Milkman’s CEO Simon Mellin told BusinessCloud how he was inspired to launch the company. “I watched Blue Planet with Sir David Attenborough and they showed the devastating effect single use plastics were having on our planet,” he recalled. “That really hit home.

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“At the same time I recognised a couple of big trends coming around sustainability and groceries and I recognised that logistics were powering the world and underpinning everything as we started to digitise and wanted things delivered conveniently.”

A company spokesman said becoming a B Corp also sent out a strong message to customers.

“When you choose a B Corp brand, you’re doing more than just picking a good product,” said The Modern Milkman. “You’re picking a business that takes care of everyone their brand touches, from their workers to their suppliers and customers. You’re picking a brand that’s sustainable and takes great care to help the planet however they can.”