Posted on October 2, 2018 by staff

MoD Cyber Cadet scheme will help solve skills gap


The MoD’s new Cyber Cadet training programme will have a positive impact on the existing skills gap in the industry says Jake Moore, cyber security specialist at ESET UK.

The Ministry of Defence announced it will work to provide cyber security skills and expertise to over 2,000 cadets every year.

This will help tackle the rising threat of cyber attacks while also plugging the digital skills gap says Moore, who works at cyber security firm ESET.

“Any initiative to increase the knowledge, expertise and awareness of our young and upcoming potential cyber defence students gets a huge thumbs up from me,” he said.

“Any encouragement to close the skills gaps that exist to enable a better defence will reap benefits moving forward.”

The programme will receive over £1m each year and will offer a range of introductory courses from tools, knowledge and skills vital for protecting small networks, to more immersive advanced courses.

Moore believes this approach will be crucial in creating a stronger tech workforce for the future.

“We need people to embrace the industry, get excited and pursue a positive cyber career,” he said.

“Learning when you’re young is so much easier, it flows more naturally when you have a keen interest to understand, question and even diversify your options for the road ahead.

“We live in a digital world – yes it’s great to get outdoors and play sports but it’s also important to understand the dangers that exist from digital attacks that can in essence come from any place in the world. As the dangers evolve we need nimble minds able to adapt and adopt strategies in real time.”