Posted on May 30, 2017 by staff

Mobile giant O2 introduces Fissara software to UK centres


Mobile giant O2 has implemented a new software platform developed by Manchester-based Fissara, to help manage staff planning at its Network Management Centres.

Part of the international Telefónica Group, the firm said the challenge was to improve the way shifts and rotas were assigned to staff, and to achieve greater control in overtime working and holiday bookings.

Fissara delivers an intuitive and flexible mobile resource planning solution, configurable for each company’s unique requirements.

In the case of O2, it has been adapted and applied to help simplify the production and accessibility of staff rosters.

Rob Aylott, SPMC operations support manager, at O2 said: “Fissara has provided us with an easy to use planning solution which saves both time and money.

“It has helped us to automate complex processes and gives everyone up to date information in their hands.

“The system has been well received across the team and is already delivering cost benefits and greater efficiencies in resource planning”.

The software is managed via a sophisticated mobile app and provides web-based access to the rosters as well as detailed analysis and reporting to assist in future resource planning and business decision making.

Jon Holltum, Fissara director, added: “For a global brand like O2 to select a relatively new platform like Fissara is testament to the system’s unrivalled abilities.

“It is entirely adaptable and scaleable and can therefore be easily shaped to meet the specific needs of each different project.

“It provides fast, accurate data which helps in a wide variety of planning tasks which ultimately helps telecoms companies like O2 achieve greater business efficiencies.

“This was a challenging project with many complex scenarios and a wide variety of different user needs but the Fissara system is designed to be easily adaptable and it is great to see the benefits already being delivered together with positive feedback from users across the company.”