Posted on June 20, 2018 by staff

Mobile bill errors costing Brits £63m


Three million Brits have been incorrectly overcharged by their mobile phone network, a new survey has claimed.

The errors cost each person £23 on average, which totals £63.5 million across the UK.

Ru Bhikha, mobiles expert at which conducted the survey, said: “This research shows the alarmingly high number of billing errors reported by mobile phone users, as well as an incredible 16.5 million Brits saying they have generated unexpected charges.

“With unexpected charges coming in at around £20, it’s easy to see how, if left unchecked, a great value deal can quickly become a drain on your finances.

“If you’re regularly going over your allowance or incurring extra charges it might be that you’re not on the right tariff.”

The company urges consumers to inspect their mobile phone bull closely to stop the problem from persisting. The research found that 47 per cent of mobile users assume that their bill is in order, and one in six hasn’t checked their bill in the last six months.

Over one million of these mobile users admitted that they ‘couldn’t be bothered’ to check their bill.

“A message to the networks – the fact that so many consumers cannot ‘be bothered’ to check their bill suggests it is seen by many as laborious task,” added Bhikha.

“We urge providers to make sure key information is easy to access, with the facts – the key information a customer wants to see – surfaced prominently so it is easy to ensure all is well.”